Expectant Ewes

Expectant Ewes

We’re delighted to announce that once again, all our ewes are expecting! No empties for the second year running.

Whilst slotting in their trip to be scanned in the middle of a dressage day here at Rhydgaled wasn’t the easiest thing to do – especially with our pickup out of action due to a dead starter motor, it was well worth it. It’s much easier for us to make sure the ewes are fed according to how many lambs they are due to produce.

Our 18 ewes (a mix of our pure Jacobs, Icelandic/Jacob cross, Suffolk cross and three of our original bottle lambs) are expecting a total of 35 lambs – 4 singles, 11 twins and 3 triplets.

And with the rams starting their work on bonfire night, lambing is due to start on April Fool’s day.

The other job that kept us occupied over the weekend was to move Mary and Pru (our new Saddleback arrivals) to their home, now that they understand the rules of electric fencing. Another area that needs clearing so plenty of space for them to rootle and generally enjoy life.

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