Farmhouse Produce

At Rhydgaled, we pride ourselves in producing top quality meat and we do this slowly and as naturally as possible.

Our animals have the best, happy outdoor lives we can give them. And when the time comes, their journey to our very local departure lounge is as stress free as we can make it. Our produce is then butchered and packed for us in the village – so food miles are kept to an absolute minimum.

All of our lamb has been born and raised here in the glorious Welsh outdoors at Rhydgaled. We have a mix of breeds and types, allowing us to have lamb available throughout the year, as some grow quicker than others.

We usually offer our lamb as a ½ lamb packs – which will take up approx. 1 drawer in a standard freezer and generally consists of:

1 leg (can be halved for you)

1 shoulder (can be halved for you)


Neck & breast (supplied as mince unless specifically requested otherwise)

Specific cuts are available upon request – and if you’re looking for just a joint or two or perhaps some chops, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.

The Rhydgaled pigs are British Saddlebacks – a traditional, English breed. They are all raised here – free range and outdoors. We produce both pork and bacon/gammon – and amazing sausages! So if you’re after a mouth-watering roasting joint with crispy crackling or sausages for the barbecue, then why not see what we have available?

Everything is available as fresh produce at certain points throughout the year – but we often have limited frozen supplies in the interim, so just ask us.

Our free-range eggs are available for sale from the end of our track from our egg house.

If cake or other sweet (or savoury) baked treats appeal to you, then take a look at the range of traditional and not so traditional farmhouse goodies we have on offer.