Four Years of the Good Life

Four Years of the Good Life

Welcome to December. And that means that we are very nearly at the end of our 4th year here at Rhydgaled.

We’re in the run up to Christmas and the final few weeks on keeping a close eye on our lovely turkeys.

Our most recent batch of Rhydgaled lamb packs have just been delivered and we’re delighted to have shared our produce with some new customers this time around.

Today has involved the latest round of sheep manoeuvres – time to take Sampson & Solo away from our breeding ewes. All seem to have been “tango’d” either yellow or orange within a three week period, so hopefully, our 2019 lambs will arrive in the first three weeks of April.

Aunty Alice is now permanently “Aunty” only – after her lambs being delivered through the side door this year, she is on supervisory duties with the last of our 2018 ewe lambs. She’s tried so hard to not die on us, and was one of our first bottle lambs, she has been given lawnmower status.

George and the Mildreds – our current growing Saddleback weaners – are enjoying life clearing the next section of rough ground for us. We have come full circle with the first area of ground cleared by our pigs which has seen a field almost waist high in rushes cleared and now re-seeded to provide good grazing for our sheep.

We’ve re-stocked on chickens and are hopeful that our egg production will soon be back on track.

And this Autumn, we’ve managed to get on top of the veg beds and get them prepared for the winter so that we can get a good start with Spring planting.

The last 4 years have flown by but when we look back at some early photos, it really does help us see how far we’ve come – instead of focusing on all the things we’re still trying to do.

Miss Amalia – one of the two female farm cats that came as part and parcel of Rhydgaled has recently become a Kevin fan – and even enjoys a bit of fussing when she’s fed.

As for little TomTom – well he’s pretty much farm “house” cat these days…

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