Make hay while the sun shines?

Make hay while the sun shines?

Well it’s been a good while since we posted a proper Rhydgaled Ramblings update. So much going on and never enough time. But for now, we have 10 minutes or so to stop and smell the roses – or at least admire the stunning display of foxlgloves we have this year – which the bees or also loving.

So what’s new. Well, we’re properly up and running with our farmstay B&B – one of our very first aims on moving here and finally it’s happening – and we’re really enjoying sharing our space.

We will shortly be able to accommodate a family of four, rather than just three (and perhaps a toddler), so we hope to be able to welcome more families.

At this particular point in time, we’re watching the weather forecasts like hawks – and then feeling frustrated when its considerably wetter than advertised. Like many in the farming & smallholding world – this time of year is all about the cutting of grass. For us, it will be our second year of producing our own hay. Last year was pure timing and luck – we’d completed the purchase of the extra field, it was full of good quality grass and the weather was kind, so we just made hay – quite literally whilst the sun shined.

This year is different because we are trying to plan when to cut. We were hoping tomorrow – but today has been wetter than scheduled, so now it’s wait and see.

Shearing took place just over a week ago and our ewes are much happier without their winter woollies. This year, the fleeces have gone to good use as they were collected by a local lady for insulation and mattress filling. Our lambs are now almost the same size as their mothers and soon it will be time for weaning – and that means working out the furthest point away from the house we can put them so we dont hear their mournful bleats on their first night or two alone. That sounds awful but they really will be ready to leave their mothers – and that gives the ewes a good rest before they return to the rams in the Autumn.

As of tomorrow, our pig family will be Betty & Barbara – the two weaners who are Bella’s daughters. This does mean that we will shortly have bacon, sausages and gammon available – let us know if interested.

The veg garden is also in full swing. We’ve managed to keep on top of thing this year and so we have a good variety of summer and winter veg well on its way as well as salad leaves, herbs, cucumbers – and of course, tomatoes, growing in the polytunnel.

Finally, to keep up with demand for farmhouse breakfasts and cake orders, we’ve increased our egg brigade with two new White Stars, two Light Sussex and another beautiful Bluebell.

Nothing beats the colour of a true free range egg yolk!

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