Our Smallholding Soundtrack

Our Smallholding Soundtrack

Lots of people are saying it – and well, we’ll just have to join in. This weather is beautiful – unseasonably warm maybe – and what a contrast to this time last year.

We had a lovely few days last week when Jo and her daughter, Harriet, came to escape for half-term. As well as enjoying our great outdoors here – and helping to feed the animals, it was a great excuse for us to get out and about in our beautiful area of Wales. A trip to Tresaith beach for some serious shell hunting, a day at Bwlch Nant Yr Arian and a lovely supper at The Hungry Ram.

Spring jobs are well underway – working to finish off clearing an additional 4 metre wide strip in the hayfield we acquired last year, as well as getting the veg garden ready to go.

I think what we’re really noticing just now is the soundtrack to our day. Not Radio 2 – which is often on to keep the horses company – but our own Rhydgaled soundtrack.

Morning feeds are accompanied by the vocal efforts from the blackbirds, robins and a host of others that unfortunately I cannot individually identify from their calls. Then there are usually two if not three woodpeckers picking up the beat in the percussion section.

As the day warms up, the kites whistle overhead whilst the buzzards call.

After evening feeds, we might grab a cuppa out on the deck and the frog chorus is almost deafening – our streams and ponds are absolutely rammed with frogs and a huge amount of frogspawn.

Finally, as the sun goes down – the bats come out to show off their silent dance routines and if we’re lucky, we get to hear the tawny owls start their evening conversations.

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